"I've tried other gyms but I've always fallen off the wagon after a short time. 6W2S works for both my partner and I and I'm the fittest I've been in a decade. I'm not quite shredded yet, but I'm keen to keep working. And that's the most important thing."



"I have been going to 6W2S for the past 18 months and absolutely love it. It’s all about fitness, strength and meeting your own personal goals. IF YOU WANT NUTRITIONAL ADVICE IT’S THERE AND FOCUSES ON EATING FRESH, SIMPLE HEALTHY FOODS WHICH ARE EASY TO FOLLOW. The trainers are fantastic and love seeing you progress. They have happily tweaked sessions for me if I haven’t been able to do something or have had an injury. The best part about it though are the people, I never have to argue with myself about going to the gym because I know I’ll get there, see my friends and have a laugh so it ends up being the favourite part of my day, the health benefits are just a happy bonus."


"When I first joined 6W2S, based on previous behaviour I secretly didn't even think I would see the 6 weeks through.... how wrong I was! Nearly 2 years on I have a fitter/stronger body, a clearer mind and I'm a better mother, wife and friend! The added bonus is I have met some absolute legends! Best thing I have done for ME in a long time! I could say so much more... the culture, the nannies (), the example I get to set for my children, the amazing trainers, the personal accomplishments, the laughs, the playlists.... honestly everything.


"Training at 6W2S is more than just going to the gym. It’s a place I feel incredibly comfortable in and has a culture that keeps me coming back each day because of the people and the constantly changing workouts. I used to go to the gym by myself which left me disappointed as I felt and saw little change however 6W2S pushes me to train hard and correctly at each session leaving me with incredible satisfaction that I trained hard and the desire for more the following day. Being able to train at 5:30am allows me to return home as my children wake up leaving no excuses for “I don’t have time”."