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At 6W2S we are passionate about helping you to be the best version of yourself. With our shredded, sexy and Mums program, we offer variety for everyone who comes into the program. Our programs cater for all individuals with different classes to target all areas of the body and provide weekly variety. When you join 6W2S, you become a part of a family environment.





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STYKU Scales

6W2S is the first studio in Adelaide to offer a 3D body scan on our STYKU SCALES. These scales provide a full 3D scan of the body which includes body fat, measurements, BMR and provide a great digital image of your body shape. As one of a handful of Studios that offer this service Nationally, our aim is to give our members a better indication of where they stand and more accurate results. The STYKU scanner provides a great digital outline of your body, however it is also really beneficial to monitor your progress with photos. You will be in a private area to take the photos by a female or male. These photos will be taken on your phone with a comparison to be done at the end of the 6 weeks round. (*Please note these are not compulsory)

Anyone can come and have their scans taken. We offer 2 scans for $40. Email us to enquire.


Kate Guy is our nutritionist for 6W2S. At 6W2S we know that exercise as well as a balanced diet is extremely important. We have a qualified nutritionist, Kate Guy, who works with the crew at 6W2S, offering nutritional advice and plans so that you are able to get the most out of this program. Once the nutritional aspect becomes a way of life, we notice better results among the crew at 6W2S. Kate works for one Australia’s leading nutraceutical companies as a practitioner consultant as well as practicing as a clinical nutritionist. 

Kate consults with patients to help to identify the root cause of a health issue. Nutritional medicine can help with nutrition for exercise, fat loss & detoxification, disease prevention, hormonal issues, gut health, lifestyle and children's immunity and skin.

To know more about pricing and one on one sessions, please "Contact Kate"

Private Health fund rebate available for some.


Henry loves to keep the 6W2S members moving and pain free! He spreads his time between the gym and various elite and amateur sporting teams but will make time to get you back to your best.

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Scott has been involved in the fitness industry for over 10 years, firstly as a personal trainer at Fitness First, then as Personal Training Manager within the same club.
Scott has been a trainer with the 6w2s team for just over 2 years and brings an ocean of knowledge to his clients and the program.




Jess joined the 6W2S team in January 2015 in a support role and this, combined with training, reignited her passion for the fitness industry and as a result she completed her studies in Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness. Now a qualified Personal Trainer, Jess thoroughly enjoys working with the 6W2S guys and girls to help them achieve their fitness goals in a fun, yet hard working environment. With additional courses completed in Kettlebells, Ankorr, and HIRT training, Jess believes in a functional approach to training with a high emphasis on core strength, and posterior chain development for injury prevention.




Andrew became a Strength and Conditioning Coach certified through the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association in 2015. He has been a gym owner, head coach, athlete performance coach and group training coach working with all levels of fitness and expertise. Andrew has focused his career on helping his clients achieve their personal fitness goals, ranging from strength and conditioning, rehab from injury,  athletic performance to weight-loss. As a representative soccer player and both an INBA & ANB Physique competitor, he understands the challenges and dedication required to achieve one's goals. 





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